Atmo – iOS App

App Store Link: Atmo

Atmo is an application that allows users to discover how busy their favorite places are in real time. Users can use augmented reality or the standard map view to see locations in their area. The app uses crowdsourced information from users to determine the atmosphere of local businesses in real time. Users can interact with Atmobot to change their settings and get help using the app.

The app uses Firebase to load real-time data about the places around users. It is integrated with the Uber API to get quick rides to locations. It uses the DialogFlow API to power Atmobot. The augmented reality mode really makes this app stand out from the crowd. The application is written in Swift 4 and optimized for iOS 11. It is currently in its beta stages but will be released to the public soon.

Sign up for external beta:

Atmo in action (gif):

The Atmo App Slideshow:

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