HackFSU 2017 – Diversify U-N-I

At HackFSU 2017, my team came up with the idea of an app to help acquaint foreign college students. This app allows you to connect with students that are native to certain countries or speak specific languages. There are lots of foreign students and there is not an easy way available for them to meet each other. Students can also use this app to practice their language speaking skills for classes or to meet students from other parts of the world.

I was in charge of building the maps. I used the Google Maps API to set markers and info windows for each of the students. We decided to use students’ profile pictures as marker images and also included country and languages in the info window. The map is interactive and zoomable. You can also select the profile images to see an info window about the student. Our app got a lot of attention when we presented it to the judges.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.17.30 AM.png




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